The Videmo Technology. State-of-the-art face recognition: detection, tracking, identification as well as
age and gender estimation - actively developed by Videmo for over 10 years.

Our focus

The world of face recognition

Find our technology in our application Videmo 360. As a manufacturer, you can also enhance your own solution with facial recognition functions using our Videmo SDK or the Videmo 360 API.

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Face recognition directly from
the manufacturer

At Videmo, you get the recognition technology and the corresponding application from a single source.
This way you can be sure to always get the best possible performance.

  • Proven in practice

    It is important for us that our algorithms achieve good results not only in synthetic benchmarks but also in practical applications.

  • Focus on video processing

    Our methods are inherently optimized for video processing, both live and retrospective.

  • Up to date

    Having close contacts with research institutions, we are able to quickly incorporate the latest algorithms into our software.

Deep Learning

Deep Neural Networks (DNN) represent the state of the art in image analysis and are the technological foundation of our recognition methods. We train and evaluate neural networks with large amounts of data in order to achieve the optimal combination of recognition performance and speed.

With hardware support (e.g. graphics cards), the high performance of the networks can also be used in real-time applications.

Everything at a glance

  • Face detection

    We reliably find the position and location of faces in photos or videos. This usually works despite of unfavorable lighting, rotations, partial occlusion or poor video quality. In video, faces are tracked from frame to frame to form continuous tracks. These tracks can be used for more precise identification than single frames alone.

  • Face recognition

    For facial recognition, so-called templates are extracted, which represent the individual characteristics of each face in a compact way. These templates can then be compared with reference templates of query identities. Creating identities from more than one reference template ("enrollment") leads to better recognition rates than with single template comparison.

  • Age and gender

    In addition to classic identification, the age and gender of individuals can also be estimated by analyzing the face. Thus, you can create statistics on the age and gender distribution of customer groups or start searches for these features ("soft biometrics").

  • Advanced facial features

    You can also search for attributes such as glasses, masks, hats, beards, etc. It enables you to find people based on descriptions or, for example, to check whether or not they are wearing a mask.

  • Person and object recognition

    Here people are recognized as a whole. This way, a person can be detected even if they are only partially in the picture or visible from behind only. With object recognition, you can quickly find different types of vehicles and luggage in the image and video material.

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