Law Enforcement

Law enforcement authorities are confronted with an ever growing body of footage that needs to be analyzed forensically. The sheer amount of data calls for intelligent tools helping human operators to achieve their goals.
Videmo 360 is just that.

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Review, Search, Find

Once analyzed by Videmo 360, huge numbers of photos and videos can easily be reviewed and searched.

  • Get an overview

    Quickly review all incoming footage. Use the filtering event list to see all people and objects at a glance. Skip files and time periods that do not contain relevant targets.

  • Search and find

    Find individual persons or persons matching a witness description. Search for all cars, trucks, bicycles, backpacks, etc. or search for individual license plates.

  • Investigate and identify

    Investigate events by retrospective search and export the findings for documentation purposes. Make use of our dynamic query identities, which can be created with a single click.

  • Keep your data secure

    Videmo 360 runs on your hardware and your hardware only (on-premises), no internet connection required. This is how you can be sure that there will be no unauthorized access to your sensitive footage.

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