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As an independent developer of face recognition solutions we are your reliable partner with strong technical know-how and customizable systems. We continuously drive forward the development of our technologies, offering you the latest, state-of-the-art methods for the detection and recognition of faces in images and videos, as well as further analysis options such as age and gender estimation.

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Applications around facial

Automatic video analysis opens up a wide range of applications in different sectors.
One strong advantage of our methods is the possibility of facial recognition in video rather than just in single images. In addition, our systems are capable of learning and adaptation.

  • Face Recognition for your VMS

    Create triggers based on facial detections rather than simple image motion and browse through your recorder's footage using faces. Implement alarm functionalities that notify the operator when certain people are detected. Spare your customers tedious evaluation work by using retrospective search functions.

  • Software module for face recognition

    Videmo offers a variety of integration options, from programmatic API control to full integration with Videmo SDK. Define complex work steps, such as the interactive enrollment of new people. Connect Videmo 360 to your video management system and utilize existing, easy-to-use interfaces and components.

  • Open interfaces

    Our HTTP-Rest and C/C++ APIs facilitate easy integration. Basic connections can be realized within hours. Use our APIs for all analysis functions as well as for controlling basic functionalities (image storage, identity management, etc.). Use our SDK to find faces in video and images. Incorporate detection and identification functionalities into your application.

  • Access control by face

    In addition to access systems based on PIN or card, add another layer of security with biometric face control. Integrate a quick and easy facial check into your workflows, e.g. for attendance recording, access to critical areas, devices or machines. Conveniently recover individual user settings through automatic detection.

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