Whether it is stand-alone or in combination with other methods: image and video analysis is an indispensable part of modern security solutions. In particular, automatic face recognition is the means of choice to identify people quickly and reliably.

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The all-in-one solution

Increase security preemptively by live analysis of video streams or investigate past
events with our unique retrospective search. With Videmo 360 you get a complete and flexible solution
for all areas of facial recognition.

  • Both live and retrospectively

    Connect any number of cameras and let the system alert you whenever a particular person or an unknown person appears. Find and follow even the smallest of faces in days of video footage.

  • Easy handling

    Benefit from tremendous time savings by performing complex evaluations with just a few clicks. The intuitive user interface allows even inexperienced users to quickly and easily review data and search for identity, age and gender.

  • Access control

    Implement free floating access control using remote cameras. This creates an additional level of security for areas that are not constrained by hard barriers such as turnstiles.

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