Defining new standards in video analysis

Face recognition, character recognition and more

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Face recognition redefined

Videmo 360 is the next generation of software for face recognition. It combines the functionalities of retrospective evaluation and live observation in a distributed, client-server-capable solution. Register as many cameras as needed from remote observation points, and let teams of evaluators analyse large video data sets in parallel.

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What are the advantages of the new Videmo 360?

Identity search in image and video data

Enroll identities from live video, recorded video or images, and search for them in the complete database.

Iterative search for more accurate results

Enrich identities with individual search results to enhance their facial models and get even more accurate results.

No manual crawling of video material

Videmo 360 generates an event for each captured face, including a time stamp. Save up to 95% of your workload.

Alerting about known persons

Enrolled faces are recognized again upon sighting and an alarm occurs, e.g. also to mobile devices.

Intelligent client-server architecture

The server takes over the work, and you can access the results using a standard PC. The requirements to network and operators' machines are thus relieved.

User-friendly and collaborative work

Drag-and-drop as well as filter functions make your work easier and help to get you organised. Share your work results with others.

Videmo 360 adapts to your needs

Today a single-user solution, tomorrow a large, distributed system: we have the right solution for every requirement and budget.

Flexible API for customer-specific solutions

You would like to integrate our technology into a VMS or plan your own application? With our API, there are no limits to your projects!

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Which use case does the new Videmo 360 support?

Undercover investigation +

Videmo 360 is ideal for undercover investigation and the observation of locations. In connection with a mini-PC (e.g. Intel NUC) you obtain a very mobile tool. The display of all detected faces gives you a quick and easy overview of the events.

Alerting +

Maintain lists of (un)desired persons (blacklist or whitelist). Secure your critical infrastructure and be alerted when sighting unknown persons. Or use the alerting for recognising VIPs.

Access control +

Videmo 360 is a solution for face-based access control using a fast and robust, state-of-the-art face-recognition technology that can be used indoors and outdoors under a wide range of conditions. By combining the Videmo 360 technology with conventional access control systems like card- or code-based systems, access to restricted areas can be made to meet the highest security standards.

A problem inherent in systems using cards or PIN codes is that cards and codes can ben intentionally or unintentionally handed to unauthorized individuals. Videmo 360 closes this security loophole: Upon access with a card or PIN code, the face of the entering person is additionally captured and automatically compared with video data from past authorised access attempts.

Statistics / Market research +

With Videmo 360 we have created a tool which allows you to gain new and interesting insights into the statistical composition of customer groups at your point of sales. Videmo 360analyzes faces in video images and delivers up to the minute statistics, such as number of viewers, distribution of men / women and distribution of age groups.

With real-time statistics, it is possible to dynamically influence the content of electronic displays. Through automatic adaptation to the current viewers, these sophisticated digital advertisement tools can be used to even greater effectiveness.

Fire protection / time attendance +

Practise proactive fire protection and keep an eye on which persons are still in the building. Optionally record working times for your employees.

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