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icon_klOptical Character Recognition

Higher efficiency through automation

In the logistics domain, in the areas of transportation and storage, for the inspection of goods and materials, etc., numbers, codes and special symbols play a major role. These are often not machine readable, but are simply printed on panels or directly onto the surface of containers or goods, which requires they be optically recognized, often under difficult conditions. The automatic recognition of characters, even outside of controlled environments, can therefore lead to a dramatic increase in efficiency in process control, inspection, inventory management, etc.

Videmo develops specialized algorithms and software components for the recognition of characters in various domains. This includes the transportation and logistics domain, where train and wagon numbers are captured, the shipping domain, where containers and goods are being inventoried, or the domain of the inspection of technical material. Videmo's character recognition works quickly and reliably, without requiring specialized sensors. Recognized characters include numbers, letters, custom patterns or combinations thereof, special domain-specific symbols, as well as barcodes of various forms. This is done on static or moving objects, using single images or video.

Intelligent logistics

Videmo's character recognition is used for the recognition of numbers and codes for logistics. Trains, wagons, trucks carrying containers, as well as cars and other vehicles are analyzed in movement, as they are passing by. The recognition works reliably outdoors and can detect a wide range of sign types.

Properties of the number recognition

  • In-passage recognition, even at high-speeds
  • Video or image logs of the passages and recognized signs on demand
  • Day & night operation with appropriate lighting
  • Unclean signs, rain, snow, etc. are tolerated
  • Fusion of results from several cameras

Supported sign types

  • UIC-Numbers on trains and railway wagons
  • Container codes
  • License plates on cars and trucks
  • Length-over-Buffer markings on railway wagons
  • Dangerous goods signs

Further sign types are possible on demand.
For more information, please visit also the website of our partners ASE GmbH.

Shipping, Inventorisation, Transport, Storage

Videmo's technology can be used for the recognition of characters on any kind of object and in various forms. Regardless if they are markings on pipes or assembly parts, numbers on containers, barcodes on boxes, etc., the possibilities are limitless. Even for irregularly printed character strings, rounded surfaces or when the sign's location is not standardized (for example on the various surfaces of a container), the recognition can be achieved through a skillful combination of cameras or the use of additional image processing functions.

Properties and functions

  • Recognition of static or moving objects
  • Use of single images or video
  • Adaptation to spezific constraints, such as lighting or sensor setup
  • Video or image logging of recognized signs
  • Detailed output of missing (for example occluded) characters
  • Recognition of numbers, letters, bar codes, application-specific symbols, etc.