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Security Technologies


Are you in need of enhanced security solutions?

We develop new solutions that combine conventional methods and video-based face recognition to create a new holistic experience. We support you in working out the requirements up to the installation of the technical infrastructure.

Improving access control

Face recognition has a high potential to complement existing security systems such that effectiveness and user experience is taken to a new level. It can also be used to create entirely new applications that were not possible even a few years ago. Videmo's face recognition can for example be used to enhance a conventional access point without imposing additional burden to the users. If you are interested, have a look at our XSControl software.

Browsing large video databases

The increasing amount of stored video requires new tools for browsing. With Videmo 360 Videmo offers an innovative software that allows you to quickly search video for faces. With its fast search and smart filters, the software can reduce the work of the operators drastically.

Comparing and indexing images

Automatic comparison of faces in images is a valuable tool for document verification. It can also be used for creating an index of large image/video databases for assisted search and retrieval. Videmo FaceSDK is such a software, featuring blazing fast image comparison that saves you a lot of time and money compared to manual verification.

Person identification for buildings, retail or events

In surveillance systems, access doors, gates, elevators, corridors, entry points, etc., Videmo's face recognition software can be used to recognize known persons and to react accordingly. In this way, hotel guests or VIPS can be recognized and offered a greeting, employees can be distinguished from customers, blacklisted persons can be detected, etc.

Besides our range of products, we offer our know-how to solution developers and installation companies, aiming to create innovative security concepts that combine different methods and integrate into existing operational processes.