Defining new standards in video analysis

Face recognition, character recognition and more



How well do you know your customers?

With PeopleStats Videmo has created a tool which allows you to gain new and interesting insights into the statistical composition of customer groups at your point of sales. PeopleStats analyzes faces in video images and delivers up to the minute statistics.

Main functions of the software

  • Number of viewers
  • Distribution of men / women
  • Distribution of age groups
  • Continuous adaptation of displayed content to viewer groups
  • Anonymized face analysis with built-in privacy protection

Application areas

Digital Signage

With PeopleStats’ real-time statistics, it is possible to dynamically influence the content of electronic displays. Through automatic adaptation to the current viewers, these sophisticated digital advertisement tools can be used to even greater effectiveness.

Action planning and measure of success

With PeopleStats’ statistic information, advertising campaigns can be planned based on better grounded knowledge. After every change in the advertising concept, the success rate can be measured and quantified, and eventual weak points can be identified immediately.

Built-in privacy protection

The PeopleStats Software processes the incoming camera images in real-time („live“) and without human assistance. The output consists of statistics and numbers (sums over time intervals). No videos are recorded and no personal data is stored.