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Face recognition

Do you need face recognition in your application?

As an independent developer of face recognition solutions, we are your reliable partner with strong technological know-how. We are constantly revising and improving our algorithms and are thus able to offer you state-of-the-art systems for detecting and identifying faces both in still images and videos. We also offer additional face analysis, such as automatic age and gender estimation.

One advantage of our technology is its ability to do video-based face analysis and the analysis of non-frontal faces, which boosts the usefulness of face analysis in real-world applications. Another key-feature is an automatic learning capability which makes our systems better the longer you use them.

We understand that face analysis can be a sensitive topic depending on the use case. We design face recognition solutions specifically to your needs, making sure that the trade-off between security and privacy precisely meets your requirements. Real-time image processing, for example, can often make video storage dispensable, thus ensuring privacy as well as possible.